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Meet the Team

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Dance Art Etc logo

We believe in the transformative power of the arts to nurture holistic wellbeing and personal growth.

Our Philosophy


Guitar player Dance Art Etc

Our community of artists and healers holds a shared belief in the restorative power of creative practice. We believe the creative process is a powerful catalyst for growth on all levels.

When we explore our emotions through movement, song or art, we engage in healthy and safe self-expression and are reminded that we’re not alone in our shared human experience.

We believe that creativity builds resilience on an individual and community level. It allows us to become more flexible in our thinking, to become better at problem solving and to see the beauty in our differences.

Your journey is unique, shaped by your culture, identity and life path. We invite you to tap into your experiences and wisdom as you learn to explore your authentic voice.

Our classes and events are supportive, empowering and, most of all, fun!

We look forward to welcoming you to the creative, healing hub of Dance Art Etc!


Belinda Light Belly Dancer

Belinda Light

Co Founder of DAE and Embellyment, Belinda runs beginner & intermediate belly dance classes as well as song circles. Her passion and devotion to Creation is the fuel of many projects and productions and community is her main goal.

Hana Nataprawira

Hana Nata

Co Founder of DAE, Hana is an artist and runs Sienna By The Sea Art!

She hosts art events, art workshops, Sip and Paint sessions, corporate events around the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane areas.


Phoenix Onesong Marolda

Phoenix believes that each of us has a unique role to play in our evolving culture and in the shifting of the current paradigm. She has committed her life to co-creating spaces and opportunities for people to unite and put their pieces of the puzzle together. 

Natalee Neill Flash mob

Natalee Neill

Natalee is a choreographer, teacher and performer. Her dream is for life to be a musical, to break out in song and dance in the street. Classes are designed to be playful, creative, connected to your own and each other’s life-force and to create individual and group beauty that disrupts the mundane.


Sara Santerre

Sara Gauthier-Santerre is an Embodied Temple Keeper, Intuitive Movement facilitator, Joyful Dancer and Lover of life. Technically trained in Modern Ballet, Jazz and Hiphop, she strives to bring a more holistic approach to Dance.


Yioda Wilson

Arte Flamenco was established to promote, strengthen and teach the authentic, traditional art form of Flamenco, as it is in Spain. It aims to foster a genuine appreciation for Flamenco.


Chantel Dawson

Allowing your heart to guide you, will always lead you to where you need to be. Chantel is an intuitive Yoga Guide, Clairsentient, Medicine Woman, Nurturer, Facilitator, and Artist.


Khush Devi

Khushbhu was born in Rajasthan and shares her family’s Kalbeliya Dance. Dance and music is about survival and freedom for her mother’s community, and within it is a deeply symbolic and storytelling aspect.


Isabella Scarcella

Co Founder of DAE Isabella is the bones behind the community. Organisation, finance and admin are her strengths and she pours a lot of love into the business side while also singing with her sister in their duo The Bellbirds.


Team Vultures

Medieval Armoured Combat! Team Vultures is a full contact medieval combat team on the Sunshine Coast in QLD that have their training groups at DAE.


Bec (ESHA)

Bec has extensive experience in traditional bellydance, folkloric dances of the Middle East, and modern fusion styles. Her shows include a variety of props to stun your crowd – veil, zills, fans, sword, wings, and cane.


Israel Ortiz Castellanos

Israel is a master of Cuban contemporary and folkloric dance and his energetic & easy-going attitude brings a lightness and a sense of fun to his audiences.


Diane Nicholls

Diane is a writer, editor and blogger, choreographer, dancer and performer! She taught for many years with Bella Bellydance School and now runs classes at DAE with her bellydance fam!

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Chony’s Art Room!

An experienced, qualified and QCT registered Visual Arts Teacher with over 20 years experience facilitating Visual Art classes & workshops for all ages and abilities from kindergarten to adults including those with disabilities within Australian Indigenous Communities, PNG & internationally. 


Daniel Campos

Zenthai Shiatsu Therapist, Pregnancy Zenthai, Zenthai Flow Teacher, Yoga Teacher, Physical Education Teacher. Dani is a passionate advocate for physical well-being and personal transformation.


Mel Shieldhouse

Mel is a creative writer, copywriter and editor with a background in naturopathy and herbal medicine. Mel is our behind the scenes with all things website & admin. If you’re looking for an editor or web designer, Mel is your gal!

‘Sing because this is a food our starving world needs. Laugh because that is the purest sound.’


Join our Community

We’d love for you to join the Dance Art Etc family. If you have a class, workshop or event that needs a home, get in touch!

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Where to find us:

120 Currie Street, Nambour, QLD, 4560

Where to find us:

120 Currie Street, Nambour, QLD, 4560