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Andy V – Live Looping Workshop

120 Currie Street Nambour 120 Currie St, Nambour, QLD, 4560

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Andy V – Live Looping Workshop


Punch in, punch out timing and techniques

Using the precision needed to make clean fluid loops.  Timing is everything!

Tech setup

How to setup and run a basic sound system, including a mixer and powered speakers.  How to setup your loop station running to the mixer, including all cabling required. 


Once the initial ‘base layer’ is created, the technique of overdubbing comes into play.  Learning to control the overall volume of your overdubbing.

Loop layers and structure

How many loops you may need and how to create your own unique method for each loop sequence.  

Song Structure

Thinking musically!  Basic intro to standard song writing forms and how to adapt your looping style to suit.

Dynamics and mixing

Create a delicate mix of all instrumental and vocal elements.  Basic mixing techniques used to deliver a dynamic performance that captivates your audience.



You are very welcome to bring your own looping setup, although not essential as several rc505 loop stations will be provided with headphones and mics.  Both hardware and software loopers are more than welcome.  *Software looper users, please allow adaquate time to setup your laptop/tablet/audio interface and instrument of choice.

The duration of the workshop will be 4 hours and cover 6 major areas as listed above.  There will be a break in the middle for light refreshments, (30 mins).  

For those who didn’t pre purchase the workshop + private lesson package, you will have the option on the day to book a private lesson at a discounted hourly private lesson rate. 


Thank you!  I look forward to working with you on June 27th, loop on!



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