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Date Night with a Difference: Kizomba Dance

Nambour 120 Currie St, Nambour, QLD, 4560

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Date Night with the Difference: Couples Kizomba & Connection Dance Workshop


We are super excited to be collaborating with the fabulous team at Art, Dance Etc on this exciting new event.
Join us on Saturday 9th of March for a Date Night with a Difference!
Looking for something different and exciting to do this year?
Then, bring your partner and spend the evening learning how to dance, connect, build trust and have fun outside your familiar comfort zone.
Kizomba (not to be confused with Zumba) is a dance of connection which originated in Angola, Africa. Kizomba is a low impact, easy and beautiful dance that can be danced whilst in embrace with your partner. Kizomba is an intimate, silent conversation that is had on the dance floor between two people. It is sure to get the sparks flying and embers burning between the two of you.
Marco and Samantha (your facilitators) fell in love dancing Kizomba!
Since then they have used Kizomba as a tool for connection, understanding and healing the unspoken dynamics that exist between couples at relationship workshops and retreats over the past few years. It is a dance that when done consciously tells the story of what was, what is and what can be between two people.
Relationships new and well worn can get stuck in familiar routines. Patterns of learned behaviour start to run the show and connection, spontaneity and intimacy often get put on the back burner as the demands of life take over. We humans are complex beings layered with wounds, insecurities, imprinted patterns of behaviour, narratives and hearts full of desire and longing for true connection. To be seen, heard and understood.
Date Night with a Difference is an interactive couples dance workshop designed to help you both have fun, deepen the trust, learn more about each other, hold space for each other and connect in a profound way through the art of partner dance.
The beauty of Kizomba is that if you can walk, you can dance Kizomba!
No dance experienced required. Those with two left feet are warmly welcomed. Inclusive and safe space for all.
Tickets are $88 per couple which include light refreshments.

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