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EmbodyBirth Two Day Weekend Workshop (Dance of the Womb)

Nambour 120 Currie St, Nambour, QLD, 4560

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Sound Healing Song Circle

The EmbodyBirth two day foundational workshop taught by Maha Al Musa since 1997, is for anyone interested in harnessing the principles of sacred birth and bringing birth home to mothers and babies – their heart, hands, womb and knowing.
The work covers 4 areas of interest that include birth philosophy, psychology, physiology and practice (the BellydanceBirth). BellydanceBirth is just one component of these wise conscious teachings – it is essentially the dance of the womb- organic, intuitive, feminine, grounded dance for pregnancy and birth that incorporates the BellydanceBirth (or mindful meditative movement) as a conduit for accessing womb birth inherent knowledge. It is not the Western brand of “bellydance” per se so we encourage women who attend to let go of the idea they have of bellydance through a Western lens and lean into the cultural roots of the dance, of womens wise ways and birth instincts. We do not learn choreography nor steps but rather tap into the sacred childbirth body to reclaim our own voices with our babies so that we have the opportunity to re remember our own sovereign  language.
So the program is an honouring, respect and preservation of Maha’s Palestinian/Lebanese roots not the colonised narrative that tends to be reductionist in its superiority. EmbodyBirth wants to celebrate indigenous birth practice and philosophy as a living art that is carried through the maternal lineage from great grandmother to grandmother to mother to our legacy – our children and Humanity.


Maha Al Musa bio
Maha Al Musa is first and foremost a mother to three beautiful children
(now 27, 24 and 15) a doula, birth mentor, international educator and the founder of EmbodyBirth and Bellydance For Birth® since 1997. She has released two award-winning resources—a world first book on Bellydance for birth, entitled Dance of the Womb, endorsed by Sheila Kitzinger, Dr. Michel Odent, Dr. Sarah Buckley and NACE (Aust.) and a follow on video series voted by readers choice award for Best Pregnancy Fitness Product. She was presented with the One World Birth Hero National Award in 2011. 
Maha has been a keynote speaker at many birth conferences worldwide including the Shandong Midwifery Conference China, Human Rights In Childbirth Conference India and Birth Keepers Summit USA. 

She also offers her online wise conscious birth preparation program and her highly acclaimed EmbodyBirth teacher training certification as well as other powerful resources. 
All of Maha’s teachings are supported by the Universal truth that birth is a sacred portal that has the potential to raise human consciousness and that every woman and baby has the freedom to choose and the right to be supported and born into the hands and arms of Love. 

www.mahaalmusa.comInsta @embodybirthinternational


One Day $150.00

Full Weekend Workshop: $250.00 Early Bird and $280.00 after the early bird

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