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FunDaMental Awakening Experience

Nambour 120 Currie St, Nambour, QLD, 4560

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The FunDaMental Awakening

Arrive in a place of awareness shed the layers that have held you back. Honour your being purely for all it is in its simple magnificence. Human. The time has come for Our very first Sunshine coast FunDaMental Connection©️ for 2024 in nambour. Here you will be shown the FunDaMental ©️ 11 step programme a programme that awakens in you the wisdom forgotten. We all hold uncapped potential to heal, create and shape our life. FunDaMental©️ Is not about learning but unlearning so we can remember what has been forgotten. The FunDaMental Connection©️ will give you the tools to improve your mental and physical wellbeing improve nervous system, lower stress cortisol, improve metabolism, relieve pain, improve posture, break through trauma, improve endocrine function,improve life balance mentally and physically. and most of all return you back to the roots of your human existence. lets gather men and women together grow and up lift each other let us be witness to each others growth and ignite our being
This is fully immersive experience.
🌿 conscious dance
🌿FunDaMental Movement class working with cross bilateral movement
🌿FunDaMental slow flow Yoga class
🌿The 11 step FunDaMental ©️ workbook with all the tools needed to unlock your potential done in workshop format
🌿Online supportive community after you leave
This Awakening workshop is Facilitated by Danni Danique A passionate mindfulness coach and personal trainer with a background in Neuro science educating, personal training, holistic health and functional movement. Danni travelled a personal journey of healing herself through Trauma, major terminal illness, serous operations, grief and the symptom of massive weight gain. She has been able to turn that professional and personal experience into this life changing programme. It brings science and spirituality together and offers a holistic approach that is universal to all humans. This information we all hold we have just simply forgotten Danni is passionate about helping people be reminded so they may live happy healthy lives now and sustain that into their future.
Danni will be accompanied on the Day by special guest Lou can stone
“Lou’s celestial voice connects me instantly to the realm of the angels. Thank you Lou for bringing heaven to earth through your music.” Prem Williams Sacred Earth
Ethereal sound healing music, that will soothe, nurture and transport you to a beautiful, peaceful place. Celestial singer, sound healer, multi-instrumentalist and composer, Lou deeply moves and transforms audiences worldwide with her unique, soaring vocals, spanning a 5-octave range.
Described by fans as a ‘Sonic Priestess and Shaman’ Lou’s uplifting music quietens the busy mind. Intimately personal, soft yet powerful, relaxing yet energising, spontaneous yet purposeful. Attending a performance by Lou at some of the biggest Conscious Music Events and Festivals is reported by many to result in a profound metamorphosis at a deep, cellular level.
This is truly music from The Beyond. Prepare to be transported to another dimension.
All are welcome 16+ event
This day Course is worth $365 pp but because of the generosity of those before you cost is $25 pp … here we pay it forward so we can spread the connection together

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