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Adel Amin

Drum Roll please as we present to you Egyptian Percussionist Adel Amin of Joyful Drumming School!
Adel was awarded a scholarship to the Cairo Conservatorium of Music and commenced musical training (percussion, violin and piano) when 10 years old. Since coming to Australia, Adel has worked with a number of
Western and Middle Eastern bands including Sahara (now Boom
Crash Opera), Black Train (a nine piece Gypsy band based in Sydney), The Amera Show (Sydney,) Javalani (South African soul and funk
band based in Melbourne), and has performed at the Woodford Festival.
Adel continues to share his knowledge and love of Egyptian and Arabic music, particularly his skills as a Percussionist by teaching
private classes and Australia-wide workshops.
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Egyptian drumming class Sunshine Coast

Egyptian Drumming Class

Joyful Drumming School was founded by Adel Amin in 1992, and focuses on a method that teaches Egyptian and Middle Eastern Drumming Rhythms in a safe and fun way.
Each class focuses on the correct Technique, Posture, Cultural and Artistic application and Heritage of the Rhythms on any hand drum.